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Internet Venture
Project description

Innovative, unique and global internet services B2Cauction platform workheroes.com offering unique service in the area of service marketing, services are delivered to the customers, making customers wishes the center of service market. Aim of the workheroes.com is to ease the process of search, sourcing,valuation and acquisition of corporate and household services, to revolutionize modern service market the way Amazon revolutionized global product market.

Next phase duration

12 months

Region Focus

1st focus: NY, 2nd focus: 5 major US metropolitan areas, platform establishment in UK and Germany

Business Model

The goal of our project is to provide a B2C online trading platform for various services on the Internet. Buyers and sellers of services are brought together in the following manner:

  • Buyers can list the services they want to buy
  • Sellers can view buyers requests and make specific offers to provide the requested service, or preset the instant offers
  • Buyers can view all offers made by sellers and buy a specific offer
  • Throughout the buying and delivery process buyers and sellers communicate using the platform Service delivery from seller to buyer is monitored by the platform
  • Buyers can list service providers and contact them directly with a request

Our project streamlines and globalizes the traditional process of service delivery, which is normally restricted to local businesses. We also change the buyer’s experience, who traditionally have to find, compare and contact service providers personally. We shift the focus of attention to the buyer (customer, service consumer) by changing the direction of the whole process: the service sellers will now be able to find, contact and make offers to interested customers. This facilitates easy and transparent service buying process for customers and enables very effective customer acquisition for service sellers.

Current Status

  • Technical platform developed (Beta Release)
  • Workheroes.com operational (beta)
  • First registrations in progress
  • First marketing steps in progress
  • Attracted 1st round investments (2013): 500,000 EUR
  • Full scale marketing campaign fully prepared
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