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Investment Project

The revolutionary technology of electrical myostimulation (EMS) conquer fitness studios and wellness centers, its possibilities are highly appreciated by professional athletes, doctors, and clinical rehabilitation specialists.

Athletes use electrical myostimulation in addition to ordinary trainings which makes it possible to improve sportive results.

Therapists recommend it to patients who require easy exercises, in particular those aimed at strengthening of back and joints.

Personal coaches, fitness studios, and wellness centers focus on beauty and health: building up muscles and burning fat, stimulation of metabolism and blood circulation, as well as strengthening of the connective tissue.

20 - 25 minutes of training equal 5-10 hours of classical gym training (depending on intensity).

Franchise Development

  • Development of the Russian Federal EMS (electro muscular stimulation training) fitness studios chain / franchise
  • Status: 3 studious in operation in Moscow
  • Description: Development of the first in the market, leading Russian-wide federal EMS fitness studios chain (direct management or franchise) offering very innovative, modern and highly demanded service for wide group of private clients in the area of machine-aided personal fitness training.

Why EMS training?

  • The results indicated that the stress on the muscle tissue is 90.4% higher with EMS-training in comparison to intense strength training.
  • 82.3% of EMS participants experienced less back pain.
  • An improvement of incontinence issues in 72.8% of women after participating in EMS-training was determined.
  • Strength endurance in the EMS workout group improved by 69.2%, maximum strength improved by 12.2%.
  • The body fat content in the EMS full body workout group decreased by 1.4 %.
  • The EMS training group decreased their body volume significantly
  • The size of thighs, waist and hip decreased significantly in female participants.
  • Male participants experienced volume reduction in the waist and an increase in upper arm, chest and thigh measurements.
  • 90.0 % of the participants perceive the work outs as positive.
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